Three-piece Suit? No, Four-piece Suite!

This just in: The Dambassadors are getting better.  I mean, when something’s already awesome, why not make it more awesome? Check the announcement: The Dambassadors: “After hours of calculations regarding the tetris of bodies and backpacks, we are pleased to announce we are being joined by CHELSEA. D.E. MOTHERFUCKIN. JOHNSON!!” Chelsea will be joining us for the first […]


Upcoming Shows!

Whew!  A lot of madness these days.  Between our successful debut of the talk opera this past Saturday, rehearsals with the Vic Slam team, learning to manage bookings at Wordplay, and kick-starting an outreach program for the Victoria Poetry Project, I’ve got my hands full!  But the shows go on, and it’s got me excited. Aside from […]


The Anthropocalypse is Nigh!

Well, somewhere between the heavy rain as I arrived back in Victoria yesterday morning, the sweat-soaked sunshine of mid-afternoon, and the lightning on the horizon as darkness fell before the clock struck 9 PM, the recognition that Autumn was arriving sank in, and with that, the end of my festival season has come. But that doesn’t mean […]


Pieces of Paper!

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VCMtU67MOTM&w=420&h=315] Got to perform this today in front of a several thousand new students at the Imagine Day Pep Rally at UBC.  Huge thanks to all the organizers who made this happen and who invited me to write and perform a poem for their event.  I don’t know that I can yet formulate words to […]