Anthropocalypse Now!

Last night was awesome! As might be expected from an opening night performance of The Anthropocalypse at Victoria Fringe Festival, it may have been a little rough around some of the edges, but when aren’t we?  The review might not have been all that good, but we think the description of our show as “industrial-strength, unrelenting […]


Holy Fringe!

It’s happening!  It’s finally happening!  Today, after four and some-odd years of working at our psychedelic talk opera, 2 Dope Boys in a Cadillac will begin our first Fringe Festival experience.  Tonight we’ll perform a two minute preview of our show at the opening event, after spending a few hours working on tech and rehearsing with […]


I Bike Fish

I’ve been performing this poem for over three years, closer to four, and it’s always been one of the most fun things I get to share with any group of people anywhere. One of those pieces from which I often hear the feedback: “I don’t normally like poetry, but I liked that poem.” Probably one […]


Three-piece Suit? No, Four-piece Suite!

This just in: The Dambassadors are getting better.  I mean, when something’s already awesome, why not make it more awesome? Check the announcement: The Dambassadors: “After hours of calculations regarding the tetris of bodies and backpacks, we are pleased to announce we are being joined by CHELSEA. D.E. MOTHERFUCKIN. JOHNSON!!” Chelsea will be joining us for the first […]